Obama’s Proposed Immigration Changes to be Announced Thursday

Obama’s Proposed Immigration Changes to be Announced Thursday

In a Television address on Thursday, President Obama will reveal his executive action on immigration, which can impact the lives of nearly five million immigrants. The news comes after the president posted a video to Facebook addressing his live primetime speech that will air at 8 PM ET.

“So what’ I’m going to be laying out is the things I can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better even as I continue to work with Congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem,” said President Obama.

In the video, president Obama discusses his intention in sharing his plans on improving the immigration policy in America which he claims is “broken.” The changes will relieve the looming threat of deportation for millions of immigrations living in the U.S.

In the meantime, President Obama intends on providing temporary protection statuses for up five million undocumented immigrants, allowing them eligibility for work permits.

White house Press Secretary Josh Earnest wrote a statement on the White House website claiming “Every minute we fail to act, millions of people who live in the shadows but want to play by the rules and pay taxes have no way to live right by the law and contribute to our country.”

President Obama is overriding executive powers to have the new immigration policy begin as of January. If you are an immigrant, it is important to understand how these new changes could impact you and your family.

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