Visiting the U.S.

Temporary Visitor Visas

The United States offers many types of visas, to individuals seeking to work in the U.S., pursue education, or become permanent residents. For those who simply with to visit the country, there is a temporary visitor visa available. This visa features several requirements that an applicant must meet before being approved. The requirements include:

  • Having proof of foreign residency
  • Having proof of financial support
  • Providing confirmation that it is a temporary visit only
  • Meeting admissibility requirements, or having an inadmissibility waiver
  • Agreement that one will leave the United States at the designated time
  • Possessing a valid passport

If you intend to visit the United States, it may be to your benefit to contact a New York City immigration lawyer who can assist you in filing for a visitor visa. If you experience any difficulties during the filing process due to health issues, prior immigration violations, or the possession of a criminal record, a lawyer can help you in addressing those difficulties, and increasing the likelihood that your application will be approved.

New York City Immigration Lawyer

As with any type of visa, a temporary visitor visa application must be correctly filled out in order to be seriously considered for approval. Feiner & Lavy, Attorney at Law has over 40 years of experience in practicing immigration law. Our firm has helped countless individuals successfully apply for work visas, student visas and visitation visas. If you need help applying for a temporary visitor visa, we will closely guide you through each step of the process, and ensure that your application does not contain potentially costly errors. We offer services in English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Arabic.

Contact a New York City immigration lawyer who can help you apply for the necessary visa to visit the United States.