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Filing a Motion to Reopen Removal Proceedings

Do you need immediate legal assistance from an experienced and aggressive Motion to Reopen Immigration Lawyer NYC? Feiner & Lavy Law Firm are here to help you. Your future in this country depends on the ability of your lawyer, which makes it important for you to be very particular in making the right decision as to who will represent you. We offer you over 40 years of combined experience, excellent customer service with reasonable fees and the determined efforts of our firm.
A motion to reopen removal proceedings becomes necessary if you have received a deportation order for failing to appear for an immigration court hearing, in which case you need to immediately contact a Motion to Reopen Immigration Lawyer NYC.
You may have missed the appointment because you did not receive a notice of the court hearing or there were extraneous circumstances, such as serious illness or a death in the family that prevented you from appearing. Failing to appear will generate a removal order “in absentia” (in your absence”). You may have been completely unaware that a deportation order was issued against you until you are confronted by an immigration officer with orders to see to your removal.

After a motion to reopen is filed, your “in absentia” removal order is automatically put on hold. There are very few circumstances that warrant more than one motion to reopen to be filed, so it is critical that it be done right the first time.
If, at your immigration hearing, the judge decided to issue a removal order and new evidence or facts come to light, a motion to reopen removal proceedings may also be requested. You will be able to remain in the U.S. while the case is pending. An appeal to the BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) is a further action that can be taken if the removal order is reissued. Our attorneys can represent you in the appeal process, if needed, and always have your immigration goals in mind in every action they take.
Contact a Motion to Reopen Immigration Lawyer NYC for aggressive assistance in filing a motion to reopen removal proceedings.