Overturning Criminal Conviction

New York City Immigration Lawyer

If you are in a deportation or removal hearing as a result of a criminal offense, or have been deported based on a conviction, a New York City immigration attorney from Fe iner & Lavy, Attorneys at Law should be immediately consulted. With over 4 decades of immigration law experience, attorneys at the firm know how to challenge convictions and sentences or get earlier rulings vacated. If we are successful in your case, a motion to reopen removal proceedings or other legal actions can prevent or reverse a decision to deport you. Our firm’s emphasis is on providing excellent service to our clients at reasonable fees while using hard-hitting tactics to prevail on immigration matters.

A recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear that you have the right to an attorney who knows how a criminal offense can affect your immigration status and that you should be advised of those repercussions. This can open the door to appeal cases that plead guilty to a charge without understanding the adverse immigration consequences.

Many times, a person is deported without remedy based on having been convicted of a crime that carried a sentence of a year or more. Depending on your situation, it may be possible to get your removal waived if the judge will agree to reduce your sentence to less than a year. For others, a filing of a late notice of appeal of their case can cause an immigration proceeding to be halted and the individual released from immigration detention.

Immigration Troubles

In the vast majority of New York cases, there are no time restrictions to overturning a conviction. We can meet with you, find out the facts of your case and make a determination as to how your case could be appealed. Unfortunately, there are no time limitations for removal hearings and an old conviction for shoplifting or minor drug charge can cause immigration troubles.

Whether it is by overturning your conviction, getting your sentence reduced or negotiating a charge to one that will not affect your immigration status, we aggressively search for and work hard to implement the best solution to your situation.

Deportation based on conviction for a criminal offense may be preventable. Contact a New York City immigration lawyer from our firm to find out how.