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In some cases, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may need more information from you in order to move forward with reviewing your application. When more information is needed, USCIS will issue a Request for Evidence (RFE).

It is crucial that you respond to the RFE within the time allotted, which is usually 30 to 90 days. It is also important to include all of the requested information, along with any necessary documentation.

Your goal is to provide the immigration official with the evidence they need to make a favorable decision in your case. A USCIS Request for Evidence lawyer NYC can help you make sure that you are responding to the RFE in a timely matter and also ensure that you are including everything that is asked of you.

What is a Request for Evidence?

A Request for Evidence is issued to immigration applicants when more information is needed to process their application and to make a final decision. You may be asked to provide just one document, or you may need to provide several documents and other evidence in your response.

USCIS can ask for anything they may need to help make a decision regarding your application. Examples of things that may be requested of you include a copy of the pages of your passport, a copy of your marriage license, or a copy of your spouse’s birth certificate.

Additionally, you may also be asked to provide a more complete copy of something you initially submitted in the event pages were missing or it was not a clear copy. A USCIS Request for Evidence lawyer NYC can help you review the Request for Evidence and help you to prepare a complete and timely response.

Should I Be Worried About My Case If I Receive A Request for Evidence?

Receiving an RFE does not necessarily mean that your case is heading toward a denial. USCIS is merely requesting more information from you in order to make a decision.
One thing to keep in mind is that USCIS does have the power to deny an immigration application outright without even issuing an RFE—so if you are issued an RFE, that means your immigration application is still in consideration. It is always a good idea to consult with an attorney before you begin the immigration application process, but if you have not yet done so, this is a good time to hire a USCIS Request for Evidence Lawyer NYC.

How Do I Respond to a Request for Evidence?

First, it is very important to adhere to the deadline that you are given. Regarding the content of your submission to USCIS in response to the RFE, it is vital to include all of the evidence and documentation that they are asking for all at once. Submitting all of the requested materials together at the same time is required by USCIS regulations.

In the event you do not have all of the evidence and documentation needed to completely respond to the request, you may still want to submit the documentation that you do have. This is considered a partial response.

Your USCIS Request for Evidence Lawyer NYC will help you review your materials and assist you with your submission. In some cases, the requested evidence may no longer be available for you to obtain. In these situations, it may be beneficial to your case to explain that you did attempt to obtain the evidence, but it was unobtainable, and then explain why.

How Should I Submit My Request for Evidence Response to USCIS?

Before you submit your response, be sure to make a copy for yourself of the notice of Request for Evidence that you received. You should also make an additional copy of all of the evidence and documentation that you are submitting in your response to keep for your own records.

The first page of your submitted response should be the original notice of Request for Evidence that you received in the mail from USCIS. When you submit your response, USCIS scans this sheet to move forward with processing, so there may be a delay if you do not include it.

You should also include a cover letter with your response that contains an outline of the contents of your submission. It is a good idea to list the documents that you are enclosing in the order that you include them. This will make your response easier to process and also demonstrate that you have provided all of the requested documentation in your response.

Do I Need to Hire a USCIS Request for Evidence Lawyer NYC?

If you have recently received a Request for Evidence in the mail, you are likely wondering how to handle it in order to get a favorable result with your immigration application. At this stage in the process, it can be beneficial to meet with a USCIS Request for Evidence lawyer NYC to review the notice of Request for Evidence and learn from your lawyer the best way to proceed.

There are many benefits to hiring a USCIS Request for Evidence lawyer NYC to assist you with your response to the Request for Evidence. Your lawyer will understand the importance of the filing deadline and help make sure that your response is timely submitted.

Your USCIS Request for Evidence lawyer NYC will also explain to you how to obtain the requested documentation so that you can properly fulfill the request. Once you have obtained the necessary documentation, your lawyer will be able to help you properly assemble the materials and submit them to USCIS.

Hiring a lawyer with experience handling USCIS Requests for Evidence can make the difference between having an unsuccessful or a successful outcome with your application. Contact the NYC USCIS Request for Evidence lawyers at Feiner & Lavy, P.C. today to get started with your response to a Request for Evidence. Our office has many years of experience helping clients achieve favorable results with accurate and complete responses to USCIS Requests for Evidence.