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Perdones de Inmigración

There are basic inmigración actions that can be accomplished by the individual themselves, without using a Un abogado de inmigración de Nueva York. This is definitely not the case when an immigrant is seeking a waiver of inadmissibility into the U.S. If the waiver package is improperly prepared and/or incorrectly submitted, it will be denied. This makes the immigrant have to restart the process if they wish to gain lawfully entry into the U.S. and puts them back at the end of the waiver line. It can add weeks, months or even years to being able to immigrate. At Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law we have over 40 years of dedicated service to our clients to assist them in their immigration needs. Our determination and experience can benefit you greatly if you are in the position of needing a waiver in order to immigrate to the United States.

You can be denied access to the U.S. for health reasons, prior immigration violations, having committed certain crimes, failure to possess required immigration documentation and many other reasons. We strive to show that your inadmissibility should be waived. Normal reasons a waiver can be granted are that it would keep the family intact, it serves the interests of the public, any risks to the public are minimal or that approval would serve a humanitarian purpose.

Common types of waivers that we assist individuals to obtain are 212 C which is for lawful permanent residents and 212 H which is used for persons with past criminal records or an unlawful presence in the U.S. No matter what you were barred entry for, our experience in obtaining inadmissibility waivers and ability to fight for your admission can make a significant difference in the final outcome of your case.

Hardship Waivers

Successful waivers will illustrate that there is an extreme hardship in your case and that on the whole, it is fairer to grant the waiver than to deny it. Based on our knowledge of the law, we find what arguments will work best in your case. Documentation is then gathered to provide written evidence in support of these arguments and a well-written and persuasive brief is compiled and given to immigration authorities.

By having your waiver package correctly put together in the first place, you increase your chances for approval and the lawful entry you need into the U.S.

In order to obtain a waiver for your inadmissibility into the U.S., quickly póngase en contacto con un abogado de inmigración de la ciudad de Nueva York from our firm.