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TN Visa Lawyer NYC | Feiner & Lavy Law Firm

El USCIS North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) created special trade and economic relationships for the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Under this agreement, a TN nonimmigration classification allows for qualified Mexican and Canadian citizens to request temporary entry into the United States in order to engage in business activities at a professional level.

What Professions Are Eligible for a TN Visa?

To be eligible for a TN visa, you must meet certain criteria. A TN visa is not available for every profession. Some professionals who are eligible to receive a TN visa as a nonimmigrant include engineers, scientists, pharmacists, lawyers, accountants, and teachers. A TN Visa Lawyer NYC can help you understand whether or not you are eligible for a TN visa.

What Are the Other Eligibility Requirements to Obtain a TN Visa?

There are additional eligibility requirements, beyond the type of profession, in order to obtain a TN visa. The other eligibility requirements include:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico
  • The position in the U.S. requires a NAFTA professional
  • The applicant’s profession qualifies under the regulations
  • The applicant has a prearranged a full or part-time job with a United States employer (this excludes self-employment)
  • The applicant has the qualifications to be able to practice in the profession in question.

You must meet all of these eligibility requirements in order to be eligible to receive a TN visa. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, a TN Visa Lawyer NYC can assist you.

For How Long Will My TN Visa Be Valid?

The initial period of stay in the United States allowed with a TN visa is three years. However, you can request an extension of stay. If you want to remain in the United States beyond your three-year initial period of stay without leaving the U.S. at all, you are required to seek this extension.

Your employer may file Form I-129 on your behalf if you are in the United States. A TN Visa Lawyer NYC can help you request an extension of your TN visa.

You can also choose to depart from the United States prior to the expiration date of your status. Once you are abroad, you may then apply either at a CBP-designated United States port of entry or at a designated pre-flight or pre-clearance inspection station. You will need to follow the same procedures and provide the same documentation that you were required to provide when you first applied for admission as a TN nonimmigrant.

What is the TN Visa Application Process Like for Canadian Citizens?

The application process for a TN visa differs slightly for Canadian and Mexican citizens. If you are a Canadian citizen, you are not required to apply for your TN visa at a United States consulate. The application process can be made easier for you by hiring a TN Visa Lawyer NYC with knowledge of this process.

You can establish your eligibility for TN classification when you seek admission to the United States by presenting the required documentation to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer. You can either present the documentation to the CBP officer at a designated pre-clearance/pre-flight inspection station or at CBP-designated United States ports of entry.

The required documentation that you must provide to the CBP officer includes:

  • Proof of your Canadian citizenship
  • A letter from your prospective employer that contains details regarding the professional capacity in which you will be working in the U.S., your length of stay, the purpose of your employment, and your educational qualifications
  • If applicable, your credentials evaluation along with any applicable fees.

As an alternative, a prospective TN employer has the option to file on behalf of a Canadian citizen who is outside of the U.S. by submitting a Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker to USCIS. If the Form I-129 is approved by USCIS, then you, as the prospective worker, can then apply to CBP for admission to the U.S. as a TN nonimmigrant. To do this, you will need to provide documentation to a CBP officer, including proof of your Canadian citizenship and the Approval Notice from USCIS for Form I-129.

You should also possess a copy of the Form I-129 along with all of the supporting documentation that you submitted to USCIS in order to respond to any questions regarding your eligibility. At the time you seek admission, you should also be ready to pay any applicable inspection fees. You will then be admitted as a TN nonimmigrant if a CBP officer determines that you are eligible for admission.

What is the TN Visa Application Process Like for Mexican Citizens?

Mexican citizens must obtain a visa in order to enter the United States as a TN nonimmigrant. You can apply for a TN visa directly at either a consulate in Mexico or a U.S. embassy. It is always helpful to speak with a TN Visa Lawyer NYC about any questions you may have regarding this process.

Once you have been approved for a TN visa, you can then apply for admission at CBP-designated United States ports of entry or at a designated pre-flight or pre-clearance inspection station. If a CBP officer determines that you are eligible for admission, you will then be admitted as a TN nonimmigrant at this time.

Do I Need to Hire a TN Visa Lawyer NYC?

While there is no absolute requirement that you must hire a TN Visa Lawyer NYC to apply for a TN visa, it may be best for your case to do so. A TN Visa Lawyer NYC will know the exact steps to take and procedures to follow in order to ensure that you have the best chance of getting approved for a TN visa.

A TN Visa Lawyer NYC at Feiner and Lavy, P.C. can help you successfully obtain a TN visa. Our lawyers have many years of experience helping people meet their immigration goals, with a proven track record of success. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to meet with one of our lawyers and move forward with your application for a TN visa.


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