Factors Considered By USCIS When Granting Immigration Status

Factors Considered By USCIS When Granting Immigration Status

Many foreign-born individuals seek to come to the United States to provide opportunities for their families. With the recent influx of immigrants from South and Central America and President Barack Obama’s recent immigration reform announcement, it may be worthwhile to take a moment to examine what United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) examines when they decide whether to grant inmigración status to an individual.

What is considered when accepting immigrant applications?

While the personal dream that accompanies a move to the United States is significant, USCIS is looking for additional reasons why the country should accept an immigration application.

Some of the factors considered when USCIS grants immigration status include:

  • Whether the applicant has an immediate relative or other family member that is currently a United States citizen.
  • The kinds of employment opportunities that they will have, including whether they have any exceptional skills, advanced degrees, or a needed employment specialty.
  • Capital investments in the United States and whether their skills will be able to benefit the economy and create or save jobs.
  • Whether the applicant qualifies for refugee status for their fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political views or membership in a particular group.

In addition to the individuals covered in these factors, USCIS allows a small number of immigrants to enter the country based on special exceptions or by a green card lottery. This is aimed at increasing the ethnic diversity of the country and allow certain special interest groups to come into the country based on their circumstances.

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