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Immigration Lawyer NYC | Feiner & Lavy Law Firm

Feiner & Lavy P.C. is an NYC immigration law firm located at 325 Broadway Suite 401, New York NY 10007 and provides US immigration Legal Services to individual immigrants and corporations from around the world who are looking to obtain US Work Visas, Green Cards, US Citizenship, Asylum, Immigration Waivers and Defense from Deportation and Removal Proceedings in NYC Immigration Court and other US Immigration Courts.

Our roots began when Michael Feiner, a legendary immigration lawyer NYC and former chairman of the NY AILA Chapter, founded this NYC immigration law firm more than 50 years ago. He and his associates have helped thousands of immigrants obtain US Work Visas, Green Cards, US Citizenship, Asylum, Immigration Waivers and Defense from Deportation and Removal Proceedings in NYC Immigration Court and other US Immigration Courts across the USA.

The reputation and tradition of advocating for immigrants continue at Feiner & Lavy P.C. Our principal attorney Yaniv Lavy, Esq. is a knowledgeable and respected immigration lawyer NYC and is an immigrant story himself. Our NYC-based immigration law firm continues to focus on complex US immigration cases.

How can an immigration lawyer NYC help you?

An immigration lawyer NYC can help you apply for a US Work Visa, Green Card, US Citizenship, Asylum, Immigration Waivers, Defense from Deportation and Removal Proceedings in NYC Immigration Court and other US Immigration Courts across the USA.

How do I find a good immigration lawyer in NYC?

In order to find a good immigration lawyer in NYC, we recommend that you look at the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) website. We believe that immigration lawyers in NYC who are members at AILA are the best immigration lawyers NYC since they are constantly receiving and reviewing immigration updates and participating in continuing legal education that the AILA provides. In addition, AILA immigration lawyers in NYC are known for cooperating with each other and freely share their experience and information in order to help fellow AILA members.

How much does an immigration lawyer NYC cost for a Green Card?

The cost of an immigration lawyer NYC for a Green Card differs from one law firm to another and fees can vary depending on the complexity of each case. For example, an immigration lawyer NYC may charge more legal fees than an immigration lawyer located far outside NYC. The legal fees for Green Card based on marriage, for example, generally runs between $1,800 and $4,000, and may or may not include an NYC immigration attorney appearance at USCIS Interview.

Who is the best immigration lawyer in NYC?

There are many top immigration lawyers in NYC. The best immigration lawyer in NYC is the one that will solve your immigration issues in a legal and professional manner while charging you reasonable attorney’s fees to resolve your immigration case.

How much does an NYC deportation lawyer cost? 

The cost of a Deportation Lawyer in NYC can cost between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on the complexity of the deportation case. As the US Immigration Courts are backlogged, your deportation case may take a few years to be completed. If this is the situation, you may ask your immigration attorney for a payment plan.

How do I become an Immigration Lawyer NYV?

In order to become an Immigration Lawyer NYC, you need to graduate from law school and be admitted to the New York State Bar Association, which requires passing the bar exam. If you have some prior immigration law experience at an NYC law firm or elsewhere, such as an immigration internship or working as an immigration paralegal, you may be ready to open your own immigration law firm in NYC. Otherwise, you should look for an entry-level immigration lawyer NYC position and work under a senior immigration attorney so you can learn how to become an immigration lawyer NYC. Some law schools offer immigration law programs.

What do immigration lawyers look for in a case?

Immigration lawyers look for cases that can be resolved successfully and result in helping immigrants and non-immigrants to legally enter the US, stay in the US legally, extend immigration status, change immigration status, apply for Asylum, Green Card and US Citizenship, provide Defense from Deportation and Removal Proceedings, appeal USCIS decisions to the AAO, prepare and file appeals to BIA and Federal Circuit Courts, and expedite cases by filing Mandamus Actions in Federal Courts.

Can a Notary Public or Notario fill out my immigration forms?

Anyone can basically fill out immigration forms. However, a Notary is NOT an Immigration Lawyer and by assisting you he may be engaging in unauthorized practice of law and possibly immigration fraud

An Immigration Lawyer NYC, on the other hand, is a licensed profession and every Immigration Lawyer is subject to strict Bar Association and ethics rules and may lose his license or be disciplined if he breaks these rules.

How many immigration lawyers are there in the US?

There are many immigration lawyers in the US, including thousands of immigration lawyers in NYC. According to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), as of March 27th, 2020, there are approximately 15,000 immigration attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law.

What are the types of cases that immigration lawyers NYC handle?

Green Cards and Immigrant Visas

Green Card Extension and Renewal

Lost Green Card

Green Card for Relatives

Green Card Through Marriage

VAWA Green Cards for Abused Spouse

VAWA Green Cards for Abused Spouse of Lawful Permanent Residents

K-1 Fiancé Visa

K3 Spouse Visa

Joint and Self Petition to Remove Conditional Residency

Green Card for Relatives Who Died in Combat

Green Card Based on Special Immigrant Juvenile

Immigration Waivers of inadmissibility

Criminal Immigration Waivers

Deportation Defense and Termination of Removal Proceedings

Deportation & Removal Proceedings

Cancellation of Removal

Motion to Reopen Removal Proceedings

Petition for Review

212C Waiver Relief from Deportation

212H Waivers

Appeals to BIA

Appeals to the Second Circuit and Other Federal Circuits

Mandamus Actions and Expediting Immigration Cases

E2 investment visa

E-3 Visa

E-1 Treaty Trader Visa

H1B Visa

U Visa Victim of Crimes

Visa Denial

O-1 Visa

R1 Religious Worker Visa

B-1 / B-2 Visitor Visa

F1 Student Visa

H-3 Training Visas

J-1 Visa

L-1 Visa

TN Visa

Green Card Based on Employment

Green Cards for Registered Nurses

Green Cards for Physical Therapists

Multinational Executives and Managers who are Exempt from Labor Certification Requirement

Perm & Labor Certification

UC Citizenship


International Adoption

How complex are US immigration laws?   

The US immigration laws are very complex and have been described as a “labyrinth almost as impenetrable as the Internal Revenue Code.” See Escobar-Grijalva v. I.N.S., 206 F.3d 1331, 1334 (9th Cir.2000).

In addition, in Lok v. INS, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals noted that “Immigration laws bear a striking resemblance …[to] King Minos’s labyrinth in ancient Crete. The Tax Laws and the Immigration and Nationality Acts are examples we have cited of Congress’s ingenuity in passing statutes certain to accelerate the aging process of judges.” E. Hull, Without Justice For All 107 (1985) – “With only a small degree of hyperbole, the immigration laws have been termed ‘second only to the Internal Revenue Code in complexity.’ A lawyer is often the only person who could thread the labyrinth.”.

In the case of Castro-O’Ryan v. INS, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stated – “Immigration law is very complex.”

In 2003, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, in Drax v. Reno noted that ”This case vividly illustrates the labyrinthine character of modern immigration law – a maze of hyper-technical statutes and regulations that engender waste, delay, and confusion for the Government and petitioners alike. The inscrutability of the current immigration law system, and the interplay of the numerous amendments and alterations to that system by Congress during the pendency of this case, have spawned years of litigation, generated two separate opinions by the District Court, and consumed significant resources of this Court. With regret and astonishment, we determine, as explained more fully below, that this case still cannot be decided definitively but must be remanded to the District Court, and then to the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”), for further proceedings.”

Many courts have held that access to counsel and the right to seek a remedy when counsel does not provide effective assistance are critical elements of a fair hearing: “[Noncitizens] in immigration proceedings . . . ‘have a due-process right to a fair hearing.’ . . . This is true even though a [noncitizen] may not have a protected liberty interest in discretionary relief.”) (quoting Solis-Chavez v. Holder, 662 F.3d 462, 466 (7th Cir. 2011))

In Solis-Chavez v. Holder, 662 F.3d 462, 466 (7th Cir. 2011) (noting that noncitizens “have a due-process right to a fair hearing” and that “[t]he BIA has a body of caselaw holding that a [noncitizen]’s due-process rights can be violated by his attorney’s ineffective assistance in removal proceedings”).

So whether you want to get into the United States, are already here and want to remain in this country permanently, work legally in the United States, become a US citizen, bring your family to the United States, or seek any other US immigration benefits, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that immigration laws in the country are complex and change constantly. Though there may be a few straightforward US immigration forms that you can try to complete and get an immigration benefit on your own, in most cases, can be confusing. Therefore, to be able to go through the US immigration process without any stress and to save time and money, you need the services of an immigration lawyer NYC.

Feiner & Lavy P.C. is a US Immigration Law Firm with offices in NYC and Phoenix, AZ that provides US immigration services to individuals, employers and corporations from around the world who are looking to obtain US Work Visas, Green Cards, US Citizenship, Asylum, Immigration Waivers and Defense from Deportation and Removal Proceedings in Immigration Courts. Our roots began when Michael Feiner, one of the best immigration lawyers in NYC and a former Chairman of the NY AILA Chapter founded this NYC immigration law firm over 50 years ago, in turn, helping thousands of clients obtain immigration status in the United States. Feiner & Lavy P.C., led by Yaniv Lavy, Esq. an Immigration Lawyer NYC and the principal attorney, continues the tradition and reputation we have earned. Our NYC based immigration law firm continues to focus on various complex US immigration matters, including Investment Visas, US Permanent Residency, Naturalization, Immigration Waivers, appeals to the Board of Immigration and to the Federal Circuit Courts.

We are vastly educated in the area of US immigration law and continue to take on some of the most challenging cases to find resolutions for our immigration clients. To us, each immigration case is a chance to help an immigrant, a non-immigrant, a permanent resident or a US citizen who is looking to live and work in the US, unite with their family members, seeking a greater opportunity, is hoping to avoid being removed and deported from the United States or is seeking Admission or Return to the US After Deportation and Removal. Our US immigration law firm does all possible to find life-changing solutions for immigrants from all over the world. We provide personalized legal immigration service and persistence that win results. 

You are likely going to have questions and our staff is here to offer you answers in a timely manner. We believe that it is in the best interest of our immigration clients to be educated and we make a point to help them better understand the legal side of their case and keep them informed about all case progress.

Other reasons on why I should hire an Immigration Lawyer NYC:






You can have confidence when choosing our firm because of our

  • 40+ years of experience in immigration law
  • Fluency in four different Languages
  • Strong comprehension of immigration law
  • Dedication to defending the rights of immigrants
  • Experience in all types of immigration matters

Our clients come to us with all types of cases, and we look to offer them the tools that are necessary, whether they are a worker that is looking to come to the country for a job, are a traveler looking to visit the U.S. or are a current resident that is looking to avoid deportation. We also offer assistance in visas and there are many forms that may be suited for the situation. We can review the circumstances of our clients, find out what time of visa they need and assist them in acquiring it. By understanding the legal system and knowing how to work within it, we are able to find fast and effective solutions.

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