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New York Green Cards Attorney

General Information:
Green card is the name used by many people for permanent residency. Permanent residency is the right to live and work in the United States. A permanent resident may eventually become a US Citizen if he meets certain criteria. A permanent resident may lose his status if, for example, he commits a crime of moral turpitude, OR if he leaves the US for a period of more than one year without an advance permission to return. You must have grounds in order to apply for permanent residency.

Common grounds to apply for a Green Card:
a. Marriage to a US Citizen.
b. Other Relatives of US Citizens or Permanent Resident.
c. Parents of US Citizen if the child is over 21.
d. Based on Employment: you have an approved LABOR CERTIFICATION, OR you are a High Level employee (exempted from filing a Labor Certification).
e. Special Immigrants and Employees of Religious Organization.
f. Wining the Green Card Lottery.
g. Investment.
h. Schedule A employees, i.e. Registered nurses and Physical Therapists who have a job offer from a hospital in the US.
i. You have been granted Asylum in the US.

If you think you have grounds to file a green card application, you may CONTACT US to get legal assistance.



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