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New York City Immigration Attorney

Immigration Lawyer for Visas, Green Cards, Criminal Issues and Deportation

Feiner & Lavy P.C., Attorneys at Law has over 40 years of experience representing clients who are seeking help with their immigration issues. Our lengthy background in this area of the law has only made us better at what we do and allowed us to refine our legal skill so that we can continually enhance the outcomes that we retain for our clients. We speak four languages – English, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish – which allows us to extend our services to clients from all types of backgrounds.

We look out for individuals and families that may be facing all types of issues in order to enter or stay in the country. We believe that just because a person was not born here does not mean that they shouldn’t be granted the same rights as those who were. We use our strong comprehension of the law to find solutions that give our clients the chance to move past these situations. Our firm is ready to assist clients with a wide array of immigration law matters including renewing a green card, seeking citizenship, asylum and more.

Why choose Feiner & Lavy P.C.?

You can have confidence when choosing our firm because of our:

  • 40+ years of experience in immigration law
  • Fluency in four different languages
  • Strong comprehension of immigration law
  • Dedication to defending the rights of immigrants
  • Experience in all types of immigration matters

Our clients come to us with all types of cases, and we look to offer them the tools that are necessary, whether they are a worker that is looking to come to the country for a job, are a traveler looking to visit the U.S. or are a current resident that is looking to avoid deportation. We also offer assistance in visas and there are many forms that may be suited for the situation. We can review the circumstances of our clients, find out what time of visa they need and assist them in acquiring it. By understanding the legal system and knowing how to work within it, we are able to find fast and effective solutions.

Serving Clients in the Bronx

The immigration system in the U.S. is highly complex, so you need a New York City immigration attorney who is familiar with all of the current and ever-changing laws involved in the process. Our firm offers excellent customer service, reasonable fees and dedicated legal representation. When you retain our firm, you can count on us to provide a thorough explanation of your rights and what will be needed in order to file the appropriate documentation in order to achieve your specific immigration goal.

There are not many attorneys who also assist clients in criminal immigration cases, either committed by an individual charged with a criminal offense, or one who is the victim of a crime. It is not an easy matter to overturn a criminal conviction, but our legal team is well-versed in all matters related to the criminal justice system, including bond hearings, appeals to BIA, motion to reopen removal proceedings and petition for review, as well as waivers and consular processing. Along with these issues can come extensive paperwork and needed documents and we can aid in this process, including making sure that everything is filled out and filed correctly.

Immigration Lawyer in New York City

Your life here in the United States is important to you and we understand what is needed to protect your right to legally remain here. We strive to do all that is necessary in keeping families together or helping family members come to the U.S. For married couples and fiancés, including same-sex couples, we can assist with a K1 visa or a K3 visa. We can also assist with the 212 C waiver and 212 H waiver, as well as with any other type of visa needed for you personally or if you are an employer. For immigrants that have endured abuse from a spouse, we are familiar with the CSPA – Child Status Protection Act, and can file VAWA petitions for battered spouses or children/VAWA .

Dependable Service and a History of Results

Our dedication is a driving force and we are committed to each of our clients and their unique needs. No one is viewed as just another case at our firm; rather they are treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. The outcomes of immigration law cases can weigh heavily and they can have considerable impacts on those faced with them. While the immigration laws in the country and state have yet to be perfected, we can work them to the advantage of those we serve and our thorough comprehension of the legal system allows us to find the details that sway the outcome in our clients favor.

Immigration matters can be complex and for many people, the choice to turn the case over to a professional has saved them time and money, and allowed them to receive the outcome they hoped for. Whether your case is a smaller or larger matter, it will be given the full amount of needed attention from our team. Contact a New York City immigration attorney for help with all of your immigration needs.

Our firm is proud to also serve the communities of Long Island, Queens, Kings, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau, and Suffolk.

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